Teaching Communication to Nonspeaking People with Autism

Communication is a fundamental part of being human. Despite years of therapies, many nonspeaking people with autism remain unable to articulate complex thoughts beyond their basic needs. For the past fifteen years I have helped autistic people learn to communicate and gradually emerge from their isolation and access a more stimulating education.. I apply strategies designed to help children coordinate their visual and motor systems to help autistic people share their thoughts, and to demonstrate their cognitive skills by pointing to letters on a letter-board and typing on an iPad. This service also encompasses emotional support for the child and support for parents.

For more information on communication support for people with autism, please go here.

Parenting Support; Guide Protect Love Approach

Parenting services are designed for all children and are not autism or disability focused

As a clinician with over thirty years of experience I also specialize in helping parents restore harmony to their family life by giving them the tools to manage children’s challenging behaviors. I work with parents to both prevent the development of behavior problems as well as to fix those behaviors that are already disrupting the family..

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